About Me

Hi, I'm Keyur.

Back when I was 16, I wrote my first ever piece as an answer to a question on Quora.

Fast forward 2 years, and I had close to 100 high-quality answers on Quora. I figured I could write content for businesses and make REAL money!

I soon got an offer from a marketing agency. Within a month, I got promoted to be the Content Manager. My role shifted from writing to focusing on finding the right talent, training them if needed, and ensuring the project’s goal was fulfilled.

As days passed by, I got better at writing, editing, finding the right people, as well as managing a team of 20+ top-notch writers. Eventually, I took on more clients to scale my business.

In January 2021, I started working on a software product that would later fail to make money. However, this brought me to LinkedIn, where I started posting about the product journey for a week or two.

When I ran out of content ideas, I switched to publishing content related to Productivity and Side Hustles. I went from 437 to over 30,000+ engaging followers in under 9 months.

This rapid growth led to a lot of things:

  • I started creating content around LinkedIn Growth
  • I began consulting solopreneurs and executives on LinkedIn Growth
  • I built my LinkedIn Marketing agency (GrowedIn)
  • I launched a digital course called LinkedIn Mastery
  • I started writing a weekly newsletter (Sunday Pills)
  • I spoke at several online events

In 2022, I want to help more people upskill themselves and build financial freedom.

Here’s what I plan on doing this year:

  • Build a freelance job board for college students!
  • Create FREE resources on LinkedIn Growth
  • Publish 2-3 tweets per day starting soon! (Twitter ID: @keyurkumbhare)
  • Include Book Summaries and Case Studies in my newsletter
  • Giveaway 2 books every month
  • Conduct LIVE Deep Work Sessions
  • Speak at more events
  • Scale my LinkedIn Marketing agency
  • Learn No-code

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or email me at keyur@keyurkumbhare.com.